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ABOUT ME:I am a single mother of two beautiful teens. Born and raised in Philly, I have been in NJ for a little over a decade. I live for my children & my craft and focus on these almost exclusively. I have been beading for over 25 yrs and have running a handmade business for about 20 of them. Waist beads have been my main focus for over 5 years now and it feels so right! I couldn't begin to explain how much I love my job, so please allow me to prove it to you through my work. Thank You for Your Support!
~Sydni Leigh.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your waist beads made with wire or cotton string?
A: Neither. I use a high performance non-elastic plastic string.
Q: How do your waist beads close?
A: By default, I use a claw clasp and chain closure on my waist beads - making them effortlessly adjustable and extremely versatile. If you would like a ribbon or cotton string tie closure, just ask! Most adjustments can be done at no extra cost with a simple note @ checkout.
Q: Do you make other kinds of jewelry?
A: YES! I make everything from bead skirts to toe rings..earrings to bodychains! If you can dream it, I will bring it into reality for you.
.......About Waist Beads:

Traditional waist beads have been around for centuries. They've had several purposes over the years, ranging from sensuality to weight management, healing to social status and much more. What I do is a modernization to the traditional permanent waist bead. Each is a finished piece of jewelry, with your choice of closure. Adjust-ability and versatility were the focus when designing the construction of my WBs. Conveniently, they can also be wrapped to function as other styles of jewelry; anklet, bracelet, necklace, headband..your beads, your decision!

Waist adornments instantly and constantly magnify your femininity. They are also a symbol of protection as well as a tool for healing the womb, chakras, and energy in general. The use of natural gemstones greatly enhance these effects. Waist Beads are also a serious aphrodisiac for both you and your lover, I encourage you to test this out! WBs are a beautiful and royal way to adorn your pregnant belly! Use them to track how big your bump grows or in a unique pregnancy photo shoot. In addition to all this, these beautiful adornments can also help you lose or gain weight! Wear at or above the belly button to track your weight; if your belly bloats or you gain weight, they will roll upward to, if you lose weight, they will fall down, visible victories & silent feedback. Your beads will keep you accountable for your goals and can be a key factor in your fitness journey, aiding you in keeping the place that matters most -your core- healthy and happy.

Why DawlyLand Waist Beads? 

*Quality~Construction of each piece is clean, professional, durable and long lasting. No need to remove for any activity, just put them on & go live your life! These are finished pieces of jewelry- no strings or wire to cut - each piece is also adjustable so you can wear them longer and in more ways without ever stringing or un-stringing a single bead! When they no longer serve you, you can simply take them off or give them a new purpose- sharing them as a gift, or giving them a new function.
*Variety~So many colors, textures, I literally cant get enough! I'll never be satisfied with the amount of variety, therefore I offer an ever-growing, ever changing inventory, becoming more and more colorful & inclusive, so noone gets bored with my selection! Wan't a color scheme you don't see or a stone I don't yet carry? Ask me! If at all possible, I will make it happen.
*Customization~Don't like the closure, let's change it! Need a size that isn't listed, no problem! A huge perk of having your piece made-to-order by me is you can get exactly what suits you and your needs, so feel free to ask, I'm here for all of your beaded needs!
*LIFETIME REPLACEMENT POLICY~Though I do my utmost to create a piece that will not only fit you perfectly but will also last longer than you'd ever expect, sometimes tragedies do occur. If this happens to your DawlyLand waist beads, don't sweat it! Just snap a pic of the remains or pop them in an envelope and send it to me. I'll replace your waist beads at no charge! I know, sounds bonkers, right? Well, I am crazy about my company, which would be nothing without my amazing clients! I put my soul into each and every piece so if something ever goes wrong, I want to make it right, no matter the cost. I strive to make it better than it ever was before, to raise the bar and keep it rising. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on etsy or instagram @DawlyLand . 

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