Gourmet Beads, Inspired by Nature &Crafted by Hand with Love

DawlyLand promotes Mind, Body & Spiritual Healing via Beads, Gemstones & Positive Energy. Each piece must clear a high standard of Quality, Beauty, Customization & Comfort. We provide custom crafted head to toe adornment, each piece to the individual's specifications, using only the best ingredients.
We are available by direct message for custom & bulk orders.

Hi there ♡ Sydni here; artist, mother & healer. I have been beading for over 25 yrs and have been running handmade businesses for about 20 of them. My creativity has always been a faithful companion, through every adversity, I had my art to help me through. Today, I proudly I share my love of creating beautiful things with people all over the world & I am truly honored to share them with you!

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